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July 2020 Newsletter

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Happy July! In addition to virtual site visits, 360 Energy Group is excited to return back on-site with the launch of our return to work plan below. To learn more about how you can save money and energy, visit our website.

Safely Returning On-Site


360 Energy Group is committed to upholding the health and safety of our staff and customers. As Illinois gradually continues its re-opening, we have worked internally to outline our safety guidelines so that we can return to work safely and efficiently. Site visits are an imperative piece to our work and throughout the stay-at-home order, our staff has successfully developed a process for virtual site visits. While this will still be an option for our customers, we will also be returning on-site. To keep our staff and customers safe, we will adhere to the following protocols.

  • Daily temperature checks will be administered to ensure our staff is healthy

  • Our staff will be required to wear a N95 mask and nitrile gloves while on-site

  • Staff will be required to maintain a 6 ft distance between all personnel

  • We advise our staff to conduct lengthy discussions outside or open windows

  • Staff is required to wash hands or thoroughly sanitize before and after each site visit

  • After each site visit, staff is required to complete a contact tracing document for our records

In addition to these internal guidelines, our staff will continue to work remotely as much as possible and we will adjust our plan as necessary by following CDC and Illinois guidelines. To see if your facility qualifies for an on-site or virtual visit, please contact us at 312-265-3971 or

In-Field Tips


Retro-commissioning is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to reduce energy demand. Retro-commissioning takes energy use back to the source to uncover low to no cost operational opportunities for improvement. Often the energy systems in a building are not programmed to match the way a building is being used, which can result in wasted energy. Getting your building back to peak performance will include optimizing schedules, addressing issues that may have occurred in the design and construction phase, and fixing damaged equipment or sensors.  

Facility managers who have taken advantage of retro-commissioning services see an average annual energy savings of five percent with a payback period generally measured in months, not years. The study also works to reduce equipment maintenance costs, improve building comfort, and provide you with a greater understanding of building operations. Retro-commissioning is one of the best investments you could make. Schedule your study today by contacting Senior Program Manager, Ryan Curry, at or 312-267-2864.

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