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How to Prepare for a Virtual Site Visit

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

While the Illinois stay-at-home order is in effect until May 31st, the state has a long way to go before it can reopen entirely, according to Gov. Pritzker's five-phase plan. To maintain the health and safety of our customers and staff, we have halted most on-site visits for the time being. In the meantime, we are assisting our customers virtually via video conferencing and phone calls. While conducting virtual site visits is a great alternative, a few common issues have surfaced. To ensure a smooth and productive meeting, follow these easy guidelines.

  • Ensure that your Internet is connected and running efficiently: Make sure to test your Internet connection prior to logging into the meeting. This way, we combat any connection issues and make valuable use of the allotted time. If for instance you know the Internet will likely cut out in the basement, we can devise a plan to tackle that section at a later date or save it until the end of the visit.

  • Test your camera and microphone: It is imperative that your camera and microphone are working correctly so that we can communicate effectively. Since we are unable to be on-site, our energy consulting team will need to ask more in-depth questions to report accurate findings.

  • Know the agenda: Communicate with our team prior to the scheduled meeting to ensure that you have a good understanding of what is expected of you. Create a plan outlining which areas of the building you would like to prioritize and be prepared to answer questions about the facility.

  • Floor plan or preliminary count: If you have access to the building's floor plan, sending a copy to our team will help us understand the building to a fuller extent without having to be on-site. For any lighting upgrades, conducting a preliminary count of each bulb or fixture will help us remain as accurate as possible.

  • Be willing to answer question and provide photos: Since our team cannot be on-site, we will rely on you for any outstanding information. This may include photos, model numbers, usage data, etc.

Our team will be following the same guidelines to ensure we make effective use of our team. If you have an upcoming project that you would like to discuss and schedule a virtual site visit for, contact us at 312-265-3971 or


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