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When you bring us on to your project we will work alongside you to reach your goals, because everyone on the 360EG team is passionate about challenging the way our world currently consumes energy.  Whether you are a government agency, a large corporation, or a private company, 360 Energy Group can help meet your organization’s energy needs. 

program design and implementation

At 360 Energy Group, we understand that for energy efficiency to be achieved on a large-scale basis it takes programs that are both well-designed and well-implemented. For the last decade, we have designed and implemented diverse energy efficiency programs throughout the United States and Europe. These programs have been proven effective at meeting the goal of increasing energy efficiency. Whether you are developing a new program or looking for assistance in implementing an existing one, 360 Energy Group can ensure its success.


  • ​ Smart Energy Design Assistance Center:​ SEDAC, an applied research program with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was designed to achieve energy efficiency savings in buildings throughout the state of Illinois.

  • Public Sector Energy Efficiency Program: Along with the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, 360 Energy Group administers incentives through the Public Sector Energy Efficiency Program, to help local government and public entities complete their energy efficiency projects.

  • Geothermal Heat Pump Deployment: 360 Energy Group, along with a major energy utility in Western Europe, has created implementation plans with the hopes of making geothermal an accessible form of energy.

energy engineering

360 Energy Group offers a variety of engineering and technical services to reduce your energy usage including; comprehensive energy assessments, retro-commissioning and demand-side strategies. Whether you are looking to fine-tune your boiler, upgrade your street lighting, or reduce your facility’s peak energy use, 360 Energy Group has the expertise you need to uncover energy savings and get your energy efficiency projects implemented.

  • Retro-Commissioning: Retro-commissioning (RCx) is the adjustment of existing equipment and controls to improve the use, comfort, and energy consumption of a building.

  • Energy Benchmarking: Energy benchmarking is the practice of comparing a building’s current energy performance with its baseline performance or the energy performance of a similar building.

  • Direct Installation: In some cases equipment that helps to save energy can be directly installed during a site visit.

  • Energy Assessments: 360 Energy Group offers ASHRAE Level I, Level II and Level III grade audits to help you uncover energy saving opportunities.

alternative financing

If finding the means to pay for your energy efficiency project is a barrier to accomplishing your goals, let 360 Energy Group help. Solutions come in many different forms based on your organization and its needs, and we can find the one that is right for you. 



When you invest valuable time and resources in energy efficiency, you deserve to get credit for it. We want to help get your efforts rewarded and acknowledged in the public eye. At 360 Energy Group, we have hands-on expertise in managing strategic marketing and public relations programs.


Policy that is carefully designed and implemented can be a powerful tool to drive change. With this in mind, the 360 Energy Group team has worked with clients in developing policies to advance energy efficiency and renewable technologies. For example, the 360 Energy Group has proven experience developing and managing codes and standards updates at local, regional, and national levels. Whether you need expert advice in developing energy policies or gaining a better understanding of the regulatory environment, 360 Energy Group’s policy specialists can help accomplish your energy policy and regulatory goals.

management consulting

At 360 Energy Group, we help our clients achieve their goals through the development of comprehensive energy strategies. The energy sector changes rapidly, and the plans that we develop are adaptive and ready to respond. Because there is no “one size fits all” solution for energy, we are able to develop plans that are uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. Whether we are working with a publicly owned building, a private company, or a large corporation, we have the expertise to provide achievable solutions.


We incorporate budget and resource availability, provide advice on policy and regulation, and create strategies that are poised for long term success. 360 Energy Group is prepared to help by offering a range of consulting services. From helping you understand your needs and savings opportunities to fully executing the plans that we develop, we are ready to give you the service that you demand.

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