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Alternative Financing

Some approaches we have tailored to our clients’ needs include:

  • Chicago C-PACE - Property Assessed Clean Energy provides commercial building owners with long-term, 100% fixed-rate financing for sustainability upgrades to existing buildings and new developments through a beneficial assessment.

  • Renewable Asset Leasing - A provider or third party owns a renewable energy asset and leases it back to the end-user for a flat monthly fee.

  • Comfort Lease - Provides building owner or operator with conditioned space at a flat monthly fee. The provider or third party owns the entire system.

  • Integrated Community Systems - A renewable energy system is owned and maintained by a community association, such as a condominium or home owners association, which pays a flat monthly fee.

  • System Guarantee - A provider or third party guarantees system performance, minimizing risk to the owner.

  • Buried Treasure - A provider or third party installs the energy production components of a renewable energy system in new buildings while laying electric wires. The builder, upon sale of the commercial or other kind of lot, reimburses the utility.

  • Performance Contracting - A provider or third party installs the system, guarantees system performance, and leases it back to the customer. The payment comes out of the guaranteed savings. Grants, efficiency loans, and a variety of rebates and incentives are also available. When you work with 360 Energy Group, funding your project is no longer a barrier to accomplishing your goals.

What is Chicago C-PACE?

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