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Get the Savings You've Been Waiting for With Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

In last month’s blog post, we detailed the importance of retro-commissioning studies in optimizing building energy performance. This month, we’ll be discussing a particular type of retro-commissioning called monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx). Since there is no one size fits all when it comes to energy efficiency, 360 Energy Group offers a variety of energy studies to match the needs of your facility. Monitoring-based commissioning is our most involved study that seeks to give you an in-depth analysis of your building’s energy performance.

As you might recall, retro-commissioning is the adjustment of existing equipment and controls to improve the use, comfort and energy consumption of a building. Through retro-commissioning, our engineers work to identify low to no-cost measures that will improve the control, scheduling and operation of building systems to achieve peak performance. Implementation measures can be as simple as scheduling lighting or HVAC to match the use of your building.

Unlike standard retro-commissioning, MBCx requires that a monitoring software be installed into the building automation system. This allows our engineers to record energy data and trends in real time. In monitoring the data over a prolonged period, our engineers can accurately uncover human and mechanical errors within your facility, which results in a thorough report of your building’s energy performance and a personalized list of recommendations for improvement. Facility managers who have taken advantage of our monitoring-based commissioning study report an average energy savings of five percent, a reduction in maintenance needs and an increased understanding of building systems.

The various levels of retro-commissioning have different time restraints, meaning a retro-commissioning study can take anywhere from a few months to around two years to complete. Since monitoring-based commissioning is the most detailed look at your systems, it will generally have a longer time commitment. When choosing the study that’s right for you, talk to our engineers to determine the energy use of your building as well as your goals in completing the study.

Chances are your building is running inefficiently. Start saving and schedule your retro-commissioning study today. Contact 360 Energy Group Senior Program Manager, Ryan Curry at (312)-267-2864 or


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