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Ultra-Fast EV Charging Shows Promise in New Scientific Research

According to reporting by the Washington Post, scientific research released this week has identified a technology that could reduce electric vehicle (EV) charging times to a wait-time comparable to filling up a conventional vehicle at the pump. A machine-learning analysis of battery degradation performed by a team led by Dr. Eric Dufek at the Idaho National Laboratory revealed a charging protocol that could refresh a battery to around 90% in 10 minutes. The researchers believe this technology is 5 years away from making it to the market but is a favorable signal of evolving user-friendliness in EV technology. “We’ve significantly increased the amount of energy that can go into a battery cell in a short amount of time,” said Dufek. “Currently, we’re seeing batteries charge to over 90% in 10 minutes without lithium plating or cathode cracking.”

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