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Tin Wall

Project Summary

The Village of Oak Lawn is a leader in energy efficiency that has taken proactive steps to implement lighting upgrades throughout their Village. As a result of installing high efficiency fixtures to their street lighting, the municipality has led the way to attain their sustainability goals and reduce their energy use and costs. Proper street lighting is important to the Village. It enhances public safety and security while improving the aesthetics of a community. However, as a result of high operating hours, street lighting can be costly for municipalities.

Energy Solutions

The old lighting system used 150 watt High Pressure Sodium fixtures with a magnetic ballast for a total of 200 watts per fixture. The new fixtures are light emitting diode (LED) light engines that use only 102 watts each and can be programmed to use even less depending on the needs of the neighborhood. Additionally, the new fixtures have a dimming capability where they reduce their usage overnight to 50% of the rated wattage when there is little or no traffic. 360 Energy Group assisted the Village in obtaining funding to help offset the cost of upgrading their street lighting as part of the Illinois Energy Now sponsored Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Public Sector Energy Efficiency Program. As part of the program, our staff conducted an energy analysis of the Village’s street lighting and aligned energy saving measures with available state grants that would help reduce the costs of implementation. As a result of installing high efficiency LED fixtures to the Village’s 3,000 existing street lighting poles, the municipality will reduce their energy costs by $227,037 annually


“The Village of Oak Lawn has made a commitment to becoming a sustainable community and reducing our carbon footprint, and energy efficiency is one of the cornerstones to this commitment. 360 Energy Group helped identify every area where improvements could be made and they also worked closely to both identify and secure grants and funding that were available to reach these goals.”

- Gerald Chickerillo, Street Division Manager Village of Oak Lawn

Measures Implemented

  • Upgraded Street Lighting to high efficiency (LED) fixtures

Annual Energy Savings: 2,274,428 kWh

Project Incentives: $745,946

Annual Cost Savings: $227,037

Simple Payback: Nearly 5 years

Project Costs: $1,799,700

CO2 Emissions Avoided: 3,848,332 pounds

Tin Wall
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