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$4,000 Rebate for Electric Vehicles Now Available Through IL EPA

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Beginning today, Illinois is offering electric vehicle (EV) buyers a $4,000 rebate. Bundled with CEJA (Clean Energy Jobs Act), this Illinois EPA program is intended to generate interest in ecologically friendly forms of transportation. There are several important considerations:

· Low-income buyers will receive priority.

· Buyers must apply for a rebate within 90 days of purchase.

· Vehicles must be purchased after July 1.

· Hybrid vehicles are not eligible.

· Buyers must own the vehicle for at least 12 months.

Visit this link for more information. Electric vehicle adoption is rising rapidly. If you’re a private or public building owner, utility, or government agency interested in incorporating EV charging into your energy efficiency project, contact 360 Energy Group at

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