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DOE Moves Towards New Energy Efficiency Standard for all Lightbulbs

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

The Department of Energy (DOE) submitted a proposal on December 3rd to require that household lightbulbs meet a new efficiency standard (a level of efficiency achieved by all LEDs on the market). While LEDs have benefited from widespread adoption, they are still only 30% of all lightbulbs sold. Halogen and incandescent lightbulbs make up the bulk of household use, and they turn most of their energy into heat, not light.

The DOE calculated that this new efficiency standard would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 222 million metric tons over thirty years. The proposed changes would also provide roughly $3.7 billion in total net value to Americans in the form of cost savings for consumers and social benefits from lowered greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants produced by power plants.

If you’re interested in paying less for utilities on a commercial property and want a smaller carbon footprint, consider adopting energy efficient lighting. Contact 360 Energy Group at to learn more.


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