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February 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

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Happy February! This month we're highlighting our love for energy efficiency. Learn how we can help you reach your energy goals by visiting our website.

Our team celebrated Valentine's Day by reflecting on what we love about working in the energy efficiency industry. Reducing energy consumption was at the top of our list! By prioritizing energy efficiency, we can make an impact in your community. See what else our team had to say.

  • "I love seeing the savings of a project and feeling like I've made an impact by reducing energy consumption in the Chicago area." - Ahana Shanbhogue, Junior Energy Consultant

  • "I love making an impact to combat man-made climate change." - Simon Nowak, Engineering Director

  • "I love making a direct impact in local communities and on our earth." - Taylor White, Project Manager

  • "I love helping organizations improve the environment and their bottom line." - Ryan Curry, Senior Program Manager

  • "I love connecting with new people and organizations to learn how others make sustainable practices a priority." - Alyssa Collins, Communications Specialist

  • "I love looking for ways to help existing buildings be more energy efficient." - Paula Debkowska, Energy Consultant

Project Spotlight: Atlanta Hotel


Did you know that 360 Energy Group does work outside of Illinois?

360 Energy Group recently completed an energy audit for a hotel based in Atlanta, Georgia. The City of Atlanta has a Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance that requires building owners to have an ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit done every 10 years. This ordinance applies to buildings greater than 25,000 square feet and is in place to help assess and evaluate the efficiency and operations of the property. Once the audit is complete, the results and recommendations are given to the customer who is free to choose if they would like to implement any of the measures identified in the audit. By completing the audit, the building owner has the information available to make informed business decisions.

Energy audits are often used as a road map for organizations to determine where energy savings can be found and what the energy and financial savings will look like if they are implemented. Customers are often pleasantly surprised by the financial payback associated with many of the energy saving measures and often leverage the information in these energy audits when planning for building upgrades. In this particular case, the hotel was doing a great job of running the facility efficiently, so it made finding energy saving opportunities a bit more challenging. Ultimately, 360 Energy Group was able to find opportunities to reduce energy consumption by 7%.

360 Energy Group is always happy to help customers save energy in Illinois and beyond. We look forward to helping more organizations become more efficient in the years ahead. Contact us at 312-265-3971 or

The Social Media Corner


How Can Public Housing Prioritize Energy Efficiency?

Households across the nation spend more than $160 billion to heat, cool, light, and live in their homes each year. By prioritizing energy efficiency, public housing can make facilities more affordable for tenants. Learn how to reduce public housing energy consumption in our blog post here.

Boosting the Energy Efficiency Workforce

As the baby boomer generation nears retirement, the energy industry must find a way to boost workforce development. We hope industry professionals will keep this in mind as we train a more skilled and diverse workforce. Read more here.


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