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How Can Energy Efficiency Increase Building Safety?

Improving building efficiency is a great way to reduce energy and maintenance costs while increasing building safety. Safety is the highest priority for all facilities. By maintaining HVAC systems and installing higher quality and brighter lighting, trip hazards and health hazards are greatly reduced. This is an important factor to consider as companies and organizations continue to prioritize their patrons and the community.

Lighting quality plays an essential role in building safety. Highly inefficient halogen and incandescent fixtures not only negatively impact your energy bill, but they do not provide enough light to illuminate interior or exterior spaces. Switching to LEDs ensures that individuals walking to their cars in the evening or transporting equipment up a flight of stairs feel safe and secure. Additionally, LEDs contribute very little light pollution into the atmosphere which means excess light will not shine into surrounding homes or businesses.

Maintaining HVAC systems is another way to increase building efficiency and safety. An under maintained HVAC system may be effecting air quality for your space. Scheduling a HVAC tune-up or equipment retrofit will increase air quality, reduce your energy bill, and adequately heat and cool your building. With the unpredictability of Chicago weather, you need your HVAC to be running at peak performance. Unsafe conditions may arise if your HVAC system is not equipped to handle extreme weather. Additionally, old appliances may have fraying wires, worn components, and overheating issues. These factors can increase the risk of electrocutions and fires occurring in the building.

Focusing on energy efficiency extends the life of your equipment and increases safety while lowering the utility bill. To learn more about energy efficiency and to earn incentives for your work, contact us at 312-265-3971 or! We can guide you in the right direction that works with your facility and budget.


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