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JD Power Survey Finds EV Owners Unhappy With Charging Infrastructure

A new report by JD Power has found that public charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) still leave much to be desired. The consumer research firm surveyed 1,554 electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners over the first half of 2022 during its second annual Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study. The result? EV owners aren’t happy with existing public charger infrastructure, despite the massive recent growth of the EV market.

While it’s easier than it’s ever been to find a public charger, availability remains a barrier that must be overcome. Even once a charger is found, they aren’t always operable. One in five respondents reported not charging their vehicle even after finding a public charger. Of that one in five, 72% were unable to charge because of a malfunctioning or unusable station.

EV charging in the USA needs a lot of work to reach its full potential, and 360 Energy Group is engaged in the all-hands-on-deck electrification buildout that will make it viable everywhere. If you’re looking for assistance in meeting your organization’s energy needs, contact us at


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