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LAX Nearing Completion of Massive EV Charging Revamp

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is nearing completion of a massive parking revamp, that once finished, will make LAX one of the biggest electric vehicle (EV) charging ports in the US. Transportation services firm ABM plans to outfit the second largest airport in the country with 1,300 individual chargers, with 832 installed already. California has the largest market share of EVs in the country, as well as several recently proposed strong regulations on vehicle emissions, so the overhaul is happening for good reason. With EV purchases on the rise, this upgrade may foreshadow how other major US airports adopt to the growing market in the future.

Rising EV adoption is a sign that consumers worldwide are taking energy efficiency and sustainability seriously. If you’re a private or public building owner, utility, or government agency that wants to lessen your carbon footprint and make the most of your energy resources, contact 360 Energy Group at


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