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Midwestern State Leadership Cooperating Towards an "Electric Route-66"

State leadership across the Midwest are now cooperating towards an impressive electric vehicle (EV) charging goal: an “electric Route-66” across the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Governors JB Pritzger of Illinois, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Eric Holcomb of Indiana, and Tony Evers of Wisconsin issued a joint announcement last week that the state governments in question would be working together to construct a “Lake Michigan EV Circuit Tour”, a network of EV chargers across 1,100 miles of coastal road around Lake Michigan.

“With this announcement, we are putting the country on notice that the Midwest is the place to be for clean energy and small business growth,” said Governor Whitmer. “The circuit will allow travelers to experience Lake Michigan and visit countless communities in and around the route. I am so proud that we came together to forge this bipartisan agreement. Let’s keep Michigan — and the Midwest — moving forward.”

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