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Nicor Gas, Southern Company, and Habitat for Humanity Partner on Energy Efficient Housing

Yahoo News reported today that Nicor Gas and Southern Company are partnering with Fox Valley area Habitat for Humanity affiliates to build two carbon neutral and energy efficient planned communities in the Chicagoland Area. One will be constructed in Aurora, and the other in northern Fox Valley. This style of sustainable housing development is also known as a “CARE community” (Carbon-neutral, Affordable, Resilient and Efficient). Highly efficient building envelopes and a solar energy source will allow these homes a great degree of sustainability and reliability.

"We're only now at the beginning of imagining the potential within renewable technology and the resiliency of a net zero future," said president and CEO of Nicor Gas, Wendell Dallas. "As we enter this fourth industrial revolution, we must be more than innovative but inclusive to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the cost savings and the satisfaction of knowing they are doing their part to ensure a clean energy future for their communities."

If you want to ensure a climate-friendly future for your business or commercial property, energy efficiency is a great first step. 360 Energy Group has experience conducting energy audits, working with electric vehicle charging, retro-commissioning, and more. Contact us at for more information on how your business can adopt energy strategies that are both cost effective and sustainable.


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