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March 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Spring is right around the corner! As the air slowly gets warmer and the sun shines longer, there is no better time to start working on your energy efficiency projects. Make sure you have the right team involved to turn your project ideas into reality by contacting 360 Energy Group.


How Energy Impacts the Environment

Last month, our 360 Energy Group team explored how the energy savings we identify every day can make a meaningful impact on our environment. We found that in the United States alone, at least 40 percent of our total energy consumption is used to generate electricity. Therefore, in using our electricity more efficiently, we can collectively lower carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. With help from the Environmental Protection Agency's greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator, we determined the environmental impact of an energy efficiency project with an annual energy savings of 50,000 kWh and an energy efficiency project with an annual energy savings of 650,000 kWh. Check out our graphic below to see how these energy savings translate into everyday activities. To learn more about our findings, check out our blog post here. Whether it's a small lighting project or a large renovation, you have the power to make a positive impact on our environment.

An Annual Energy Savings of 50,000 kWh:

An Annual Energy Savings of 650,000 kWh:

#360EnergyChampion Customer Spotlight

If you are keeping up with us on social media, you may have noticed our latest #360EnergyChampion posts. 360 Energy Champion posts highlight energy efficiency leaders within the community and encourage other individuals and organizations to become the energy efficiency leaders of their own communities. When looking through the portfolio of clients 360 Energy Group has worked with over the years, we want to recognize a particular organization who continues to pave the way for energy efficiency in their community: the Schaumburg Park District.

The Schaumburg Park District is a prestigious three-time Gold Medal Award winner for Excellence in Park and Recreation Administration and Management. The park district has also received numerous accolades for its "Green Light" environmental programs and actions to promote energy efficiency.

One key component of their Green Light Sustainability Plan is facility and energy management. In an effort to achieve these goals, the Schaumburg Park District has participated in several energy efficiency programs managed by 360 Energy Group. To date, 360 Energy Group has helped to analyze more than 500,000 square feet in order to identify energy saving opportunities.

As co-administrators of the Smart Energy Design Assistance Center, 360 Energy Group worked with the park district in completing energy assessments and retro-commissioning studies for five of their park district recreational and sport facilities. The energy saving opportunities identified through these reports included: replacing inefficient gym and pool lighting, adding variable speed drives on pumps and motors, installing HVAC unit controllers on the roof top units, and retro-fitting shower rooms with low-flow shower heads. In total, 360 Energy Group helped identify over $225,000 in energy saving improvements for the park district.

"The process couldn't have been easier, 360 Energy Group helped prioritize the equipment replacements we needed and helped us take advantage of very attractive rebates to help our park district make these improvements." said Doug Kettel, the Director of Facility Services and Emergency Management.

After the energy assessments and retro-commissioning studies were complete, the Schaumburg Park District upgraded lighting to new LED fixtures, added demand-control on rooftop units, and installed HVAC optimization controls.

  • Annual Energy Savings: 267,122 kWh and 32,436 therms

  • Annual cost Savings: $52,332

  • Project Costs: $164,433

  • Project Incentives: $124,440

  • Simple Payback: 7 months

  • Carbon Dioxide Emissions Avoided: 833,418 pounds

360 Energy Group wants to recognize the great leadership and initiative we've seen from the Schaumburg Park District and commend the great work they've done over the years. Thank you for being a leader in energy efficiency and our energy champion!

Retro-Commissioning FAQ

Q: What is retro-commissioning?

A: Retro-commissioning (RCx) is the adjustment of existing equipment and controls to improve the use, comfort, and energy consumption of your building. A retro-commissioning study will consider how your building is currently operating versus how it should be operating to identify operational opportunities that will improve the overall energy performance of your building.

Q: How is retro-commissioning different from an energy assessment?

A: An energy assessment is a great way to uncover opportunities for capital improvements such as a lighting upgrade or HVAC project. Unlike an energy assessment, a retro-commissioning study will take a deeper look at your building's operations to uncover measures that will optimize the performance of your current systems. For example, an energy assessment report may recommend switching out your fluorescent lights to LEDs for an annual savings of $10,000. A retro-commissioning report on the other hand, will suggest that you schedule your lights to turn off at 7 p.m. when everyone has left the building.

Q: How long does a retro-commissioning study take?

A: Depending on the size, energy consumption, and needs of your facility, a retro-commissioning study can take several months to just over a year to complete.

Q: What makes a good retro-commissioning project?

A: Although anyone can benefit from a retro-commissioning project, it helps if your building is equipped with a building automation system. This way our engineers can easily identify the current schedules and operations to more accurately suggest changes.

Q: What is the payback period for retro-commissioning?

A: The payback period for retro-commissioning is typically measured in months not years.

Q: How can I get started?

A: To get started please contact 360 Energy Group's Senior Program Manager, Ryan Curry, at 312-267-2864 or

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